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        The Company Successfully Applied the Elevator Modernization Plan

        PubDate : 2019-09-17 Author : Sources : Views : 506

          To follow the trend of reconstruction of old buildings, the Company's targeted elevator modernazatio plan were successfully applied in the Cadres' Sanitarium of Guangzhou Military Region, Wudi Xiaodongting on the Guangzhou Avenue and other projects. 

          In the design, manufacture, installation, site management process of modernization elevators, we put a lot of manpower and resources for strict management and excellence. All modernization projects were smoothly accepted by the technical supervision departments and delivered as scheduled. Since the date of use so far, all the elevators are in good operating conditions, with no elevator malfunction. 

          Cadres' Sanitarium of Guangzhou Military Region, Wudi Xiaodongting on the Guangzhou Avenue and other customers who retrofitted elevators attached great satisfaction to the operation quality and after-sales services of the Company, and especially spoke highly of the elevator decoration, comfortable sensation during operation and performance stability, etc. They believed that RECH elevators deserved to be promoted on various elevator retrofitting projects. 

          Trust and support of customers has exerted active market effects on promotion of our elevators. The successful completion of elevator modernazation projects has greatly improved our management level of elevator modernazation projects in old buildings, and also accumulated richer experiences in elevator old building projects.



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